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Fathers On A Mission is one of the only nonprofit organizations that cater to empowering men to become better father figures within their community. We connect Fathers with workplace opportunities, community resources, and opportunities to build relationships.

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Our Programs

We offer Fatherhood Meetings and Programs for all fathers in Metropolitan Baton Rouge and beyond.

Fatherhood Meetings

Fatherhood Meetings is a monthly meeting that provides an open dialogue for fathers and father figures to discuss their experiences and challenges in fatherhood. Sessions aim to connect fathers, build a supportive network, and promote growth as individuals and members of their communities. The program offers a supportive environment, covering topics such as motivation and hindrances, and provides resources, support, and guidance to help fathers be successful.

Fatherhood Classes

Fatherhood Classes assesses how activities foster stronger bonds between fathers and their families. Classes are weekly meetings that provide an open dialogue for fathers and father figures to discuss their experiences and challenges in fatherhood. The sessions offer support for fathers and father figures by examining the availability and effectiveness of various resources, such as experience-based advice, guidance, and free items and services, in promoting engaged fatherhood.

Project Family Build

Project Family Build is a Social Services Intervention focusing on providing access to employment opportunities by assessing the impact of FOAM's connections to job opportunities. We provide housing assistance by analyzing the effects of FOAM's support in securing stable housing for fathers and their families. We help fathers access educational or vocational training programs. We also offer mental health support by referring Fathers to various services that can increase their well-being.


Satellite Office

Our satellite office at 3255 Choctaw Drive serves the North Baton Rouge community by providing a wide range of resources and support to help fathers thrive and create a stronger family unit. From educational opportunities and employment assistance to fatherhood discussions and support, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll also have father and child bonding activities, financial literacy programs, access to food and health resources, child support and custody information, alienation reporting procedures and more!

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Torey Bennett (President)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana

Haggai Davis (Vice President)
General Informatics

Anteja Black (Secretary)
EFCU Financial Federal Credit Union

Corey Leftwich (Treasurer)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana

Eric Lewis (Advisory Team Chairperson)
The Ephod Company, BR STEM

Brandon Smith (Board Member)

Brianna Jeansonne (Board Member)
Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

Tranice Porter (Board Member)
Southeast Louisiana Legal System

Nick Moore (Board Member)

Mark Debose (Board Member)
NRK Construction

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